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Auto Horse Feeder


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The EZ8-8 One Of Our Most Popular Feeders with 8 shelves spaced 8" apart x 24” wide x 18" deep: the largest openings on the market, by far, to accommodate a good size flake of grass hay, good size feeding of loose hay, double flake of more dense packed hay like alfalfa, large bags of cubes or pellets, along with grain, supplements, etc .
Our most versatile 24/7 PROGRAMMABLE TIMER can be programmed for feeding 1 to 8 times per day or week or any number of feed times/day or/week at whatever times you choose.  Popular examples are to program timer: to feed 2 times/day will feed for 4 days, to feed 1 time/day; it feeds morning or evening you feed the other, will feed 8 days, or to feed once on Monday, twice on Tuesday, once more on Wednesday and Thursday, etc. Almost any schedule you wish to choose. Just imagine: They have their schedule and you have yours?


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Powered by 8 D Cell batteries lasting >1 year
1 Year Warranty