convenient additions to keep a well run stable.

A Time-Saver

Automatic Hay Feeders allow you to have both quality care of your animals and flexibility for your busy social/work lifestyles. No need to rush home at feeding time or do the early morning feeding any longer. Enjoy a weekend away with a backup to your usual family and friends.

Great Client Support

We offer incredible personal support for our clients via email/text or voice.

Easy to Use

Easy and efficient loading allows more flexibility in your schedule. You can load the exact amount of hay and supplements for each meal on any scheduled day all at one time.


  • Time Saver
  • Consistency
  • Easy to Schedule
  • Customize scheduling.
  • No electrical wiring needed.
  • Long life battery powered.
  • Ideal for vet suggested feeding schedules.
  • Smaller units can be transported for events.
  • Easy to set up & use.

Options for every lifestyle.