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Slow Feed Hay Feeder | Square Bale Feeder | EEZKeeper FAQs – Eez keeper

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Questions and Instructions for EEZFEEDERS

Do I need to order a door?

While you don’t need one for the performance of the EEZFEEPER, we listened to the needs of our clients and have added the option. Some people live where they are needing to keep deer and other food robbers out of the load side of the feeders!

Which model is 7″ spacing on the shelves?

EZ9;  9 shelf feeder

Which model is 8″ spacing on the shelves?

EZ8; 8 shelf feeder 

I want to feed 3 times a day, for at least 3 days before reloading. Which should I order?

The EZ9; 9 shelf feeder will easily accommodate this schedule.

Can I set a different schedule for during the week than a weekend?

Yes!  The Versatile 24hr/7day Programmable EZ Timer can be set to drop feed any times for as many times/day or week as you wish. For example: 6am and 6pm on Monday thru Friday and none on Saturday and/or Sunday or three times/day at different times or the same times Monday thru Friday and earlier, while you’re fast asleep, on Saturday and/or Sunday so your ride gets fed well before heading out. You pick the number of times per day or per week and the times you prefer to feed and the EEZFEEDER does the rest.

Do I have to run a power supply to the feeder?

Nope! All EZ models are independent, stand alone, may be placed just about anywhere, as they are powered by onboard 8 D-cell flashlight batteries. Call for details on autonomy of batteries.
My kid has animals at the fair, could this work so I don’t have to go there 3 times a day?
Yep! The EZ4 is ideal for events and fairs where you can give yourself a little flexibility on the schedule.

Can you custom design something for me?

Of course! Our EEZ design allows for EEZ customer customization. IF YOU CAN LOAD IT WE CAN DESIGN AND BUILD IT. Let us know what we can design for you!

Will you be at any shows coming up?

None scheduled, but hopefully:

 National Finals Rodeo, South Point Las Vegas

Do you offer a warranty?

Of course! Please see our warranty below.

Programming Your Feeder is Easy!

The Versatile 24hr/7day Programmable EZ Timer can be programmed to automatically drop feed many, many combinations of times depending on when one wants to automatically feed. EZ Timer can be set to drop feed twice on Monday thru Friday and none on Saturday and/or Sunday when you’re away riding or drop feed three times a day a day at the same or different times on Monday thru Friday and earlier, while you’re fast asleep, on Saturday and/or Sunday so your ride gets fed well before heading out. So many combinations for you to automatically drop feed when you want.

INSTRUCTIONS: WARNING: EEZKEEPER automatic devices are NOT INTENDED to take the place of normal HUMAN CARE and/or INTERACTION.

INSTALLATION: Make sure the feeder is adequately secured and level in a manner that it cannot be moved or knocked over by anchoring it to a fence, rail(s), post(s), the stall wall, pipe(s), corral panel, or equivalent with suitable fasteners. When anchoring, be careful not to bind the feeder in any manner as it may affect the function. Depending on the surface under the feeder, a suitable surface; rubber mat, concrete, pavers, bin, etc, should be placed where the feed falls to prevent feed mixing with undesirable materials; dirt, etc.

OPERATION: Although everything in our power has been done to eliminate any problems, EEZKEEPER automatic devices are machines and as such are prone to inherent mechanical failure and failure due to human error. It is very important that operators of these devices learn and understand as much as possible about the working of the machines as to prevent any problems. The system is comprised of electronics, solenoids, latches, and shelves. The electronics are batteries, a timer, and a computer; brain. The operator loads batteries into battery holder and sets a timer to desired feed time(s). When a set feed time is reached the timer wakes up the brain which energizes a solenoid which pulls open a latch which allows a shelf to drop feed through the opening in bottom front; animal side. Initially installing the batteries, setting the timer, and placing shelves into horizontal position are the only components operator must learn. Installing batteries; 8 alkaline D cell flashlight type, open the battery container with a turning motion on the end cap, slide out the battery holder as far as wires allow, install fresh batteries matching polarity to the arrows inside battery holders, and check timer to see that it acknowledges the correct install; shows 12v icon and bars on battery icon. Make sure batteries are installed properly before operating or possible damage may be done to electronics. Battery life depends on many factors; feeding 9 or more times per day batteries may last +- 90 days where feeding 1 or 2 times per day may last more than 9 months.   Set timer according to: CLOCK/TIMER INSTRUCTIONS. Place shelves, starting with top shelf in regular shelf horizontal positions, by pivoting shelf on hinged edge, with brisk determined up motion, until pin on opposite edge aligns and engages the corresponding latch. Always make sure shelf pins are securely engaged in latches. Bottom most shelf must always be in horizontal position when repositioning shelves as it drops first after shelf three resets brain to know to drop bottom most shelf first in a new cycle. With some practice, one will be able to simply use a determined up flipping motion to engage shelves to latches. Load shelves with hay, cubes, pellets, grain, etc. but do not over stuff/force as this may bind shelf creating failure to perform or clogging. More compact hay will have less tendency to clog chute than fluffy, lightly packed, so experiment to see how your hay performs. This is the part of the learning and trust curve you must do on your own to satisfy yourself against failure. Extreme weather conditions may affect performance and require additional care.


1. SET CLOCK: Press any button to wake the display to “READY” mode, then press+, up, the button to enter “CLOCK” mode. Press P, program, button and use+ or-, down, buttons to set current day of the week, then press P and use+ or – buttons to set current hour, then press P and use + or – buttons to set minutes, then press P to save. Use + or – buttons to scroll to another mode, or wait 10 seconds and display will return to “READY” mode or wait 20 seconds and the display will go to sleep automatically.

2. SET FEED TIME{S): Press the + or – buttons to scroll to “FEED 1” thru “FEED 10” modes. At desired “FEED”, 1 thru 10, press P and press+ or – buttons to set day(s) of the week to feed or turn that “FEED” “OFF”, then press P and use + or – buttons to set the hour to feed, then press P and use the + or – buttons to set minutes, then press P to save. Press the + or – buttons to scroll to the next “FEED” time, another mode, wait 10 seconds and display will return to “READY” or after 20 seconds display will go to sleep automatically.

3. TEST UNIT: From any mode, press and release the T, test, button and STEP BACK. After a 3 second delay, giving the user time to STEP BACK and observe function, the unit will cycle.

4. POWER: If Icons in upper right corner of display DO NOT indicate connection to 12VDC source and/or show battery charge level of at least one bar to operate dependably, install fresh batteries.


Warranty Information


EEZKEEEPER.COM products and any warranty parts are warranted to the original retail purchaser only against defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for one year from the original product purchase date. This warranty is limited at the option of EEZKEEPER.COM to repair or exchange of a part determined by EEZKEEPER.COM to be defective. Defective parts should be returned with original proof of purchase, a statement describing the defect, and documented notice and acceptance of the return to EEZKEEPER.COM. All transportation costs and risk of loss shall be the responsibility of the party initiating the transportation. No warranty shall apply to any product or part that has been subject to accident, misuse, alteration, tampering, acts of God, acts of nature or animals, fire, flood, or any occurrence other than normal use and service. This warranty is for the consideration of defects in material or workmanship only. EEZKEEPER.COM and anyone associated with EEZKEEPER.COM disclaim and exclude any and all implied or expressed warranties, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular use. EEZKEEPER.COM shall not be responsible for consequential, incidental or any other damages and excludes and disclaims liability for any reason for any damages resulting from use, operation, application, malfunction, or defect of the product covered by this limited warranty. In any case, EEZKEEPER.COM’S obligation is strictly and exclusively limited to repair or exchange of any part determined by EEZKEEPER.COM to be defective to the original retail purchaser. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

No EEZKEEPER.COM product is intended and should not be used in place of normal human care.

If you need assistance in operation or repair of any EEZKEEPER.COM product, please contact EEZKEEPER@GMAIL.COM.